Why alkaline water is critical to your health

The foundation of a healthy pH balance is drinking plenty of alkaline water.

In order for your body to maintain optimal health, it needs to maintain a very narrow pH range (slightly alkaline), especially in the blood, and it will go to almost any length to maintain your blood at the correct range.

By having a balanced nutritious diet of alkaline foods such as vegetables as well as low sugar fruits and alkaline water your body has a fighting chance to balance itself.

Disease and illness thrive in an acidic environment but can't survive in a healthy alkaline environment.

A classic example is a fish tank: pure fresh oxygenated water in the tank and the fish thrive, conversly water that is acidic and polluted will kill the fish.

To maintain a healthy balanced body we must have abundant supplies of ionic minerals - especially calcium and magnesium and other trace elements.

Many of the foods that come off the farms are deficient of natural nutrients as years of intensive farming has leached minerals from the soils. But all is not lost because sometimes nature takes over and income the flooding rains which deposit new top soil over the flat plains where most of the vegetable crops are grown.

Processed packet foods that are readily available at supermarkets are generally lacking in nutrition, full of acid ingredients and preservatives.

Have you ever wondered why some wheat products are advertised as Vitamin enriched when all the Vitamin's are found naturally in the wheat, it is generally because in the processing of the grain that all of the nutrients a pounded out during the manufacturing process. That's why I like buying bread from the farmers markets.

Our pantries are full of this food as well as junk food and highly acidic soda drinks.

Just because at our age we still lead a lifestyle that is fast paced it doesn't mean we can't have a diet which consists of good quality nutrient rich food and water.

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