How Bob became involved in the study of Male Menopause (Andropause)

Hi, I'm Bob Lumby and often I'm asked how I became involved in the study of Male Menopause (Andropause). But before I come to this I would like to give you some background of me.

My background has been varied with tourism and travel being my main areas expertise until in the last ten years I branched out on my own and setup several small businesses in the field of bedding accessories and chlorine dioxide distribution.

Recently due to health reasons I have spent time following my passion of writing short stories, a murder mystery and even developing three websites with the help of Solo Build It, something which my computer literate children haven't yet achieved.

Now getting back to how I became involved in the study of Male Menopause (Andropause), it all goes back to the murder mystery play that I had written for a group of friends some 11 years ago.

This play was held over a weekend at an old historic homestead in outback New South Wales in Australia. Originally I had written 23 parts, however this group suddenly expanded to 46 people. It was difficult enough to write the smaller number of parts so it was a challenge to expand to the larger number. To overcome the problem I decided to have a old girlfriends reunion to attend the reading of the will, just to spice things up. The women on reading the saucy parts found them to be hilarious as they were so true of women their age.

On arrival at the accommodation that night it was decided by all the women that I definately wasn't a misogynist, but should be challenged on my knowledge of the idiosyncrasies of women. They said to me " Bob, you must be going through Male Menopause to have written the parts for all these women! Was I a sexually frustrated old man?".

This got me thinking about what was said, so, when I arrived home I decided to Google the subject Male menopause and was surprised at what I found. There was a considerable amount of written material on the web, but all was written in an academic format or was written by a very young person who had no life experience of the subject.

I then decided to devote myself to learning as much as possible on the subject and embark on writing a book and website on Male Menopause (andropause) that explained in plain English to us males what is happening or going to happen to our minds and bodies.

The journey has been very rewarding as not only have I learnt about myself, but have met many men of my age that have experienced similar problems both emotionally and physically as they go through this interesting change in their life.

My book 'Manboobs and Hair a seriously irreverent look at Male Menopause (Andropause)' is released and is available as an e book as well as in hard cover.

Please drop me an email if you have any suggestions or comments.


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