Depression: The mist at the bottom of the valley.

During male menopause many males will suffer from some form of depression. Understanding the warning signs is important not only for us , but our fellow men and those around us who we love.

Some of the warning signs include:

  • loss of appetite
  • anger or irritability
  • diminishing sex drive
  • anxiety
  • constant chronic pain affecting your body
  • panic attacks
  • suicide thoughts
  • guilt feelings

These are just a few of the signs that all is not going well in your life.

How we deal with this problem will be discussed on other pages, however before we start on this important topic, I would like to explain why I chose the title 'The mist at the bottom of the valley'.

I, along with many of my friends have suffered from bouts of depression during our lives. Some suffer from what is titled the 'black dog syndrome' or the dark patch, yet others suffer from a mild form which can occur from some traumatic event in life such as loss of job, marriage breakup or death of a long term wife, partner or friend.

In these circumstances you slip into the 'mist at the bottom of the valley' where, with help, you regain the energy to climb out from the mist and enjoy the view from the top of the valley again.

Do not consider that it is going to be a straight climb to the top again as along the way many false detours are going to be thrown up in your mind which if taken could lull you into a false sense of security.

What I suggest is that when you think you are faced with these false detours, you stop and take a break, take a deep breath and have a meal to nourish your body. Then and only then carefully consider how to overcome the obstacle in front of you before continuing up and out of the valley.

One way is to pay a compliment to yourself and write down your good points, what you've achieved along the way and not to dwell on looking down into the misty area that you came from. Alternatively be inspired by this video clip that was sent to me called 'The Race'

Remember helping you up the hill is probably a good friend, who has stood by you during the misty period.

Depression to Men's Health