Is my eyesight really that bad?

Poor eyesight is common amongst men going through male menopause. It is only when our partners insist that we see and optometrist and have a vision test that we realize how blind as a bat we really are.

I asked an optometrist friend of mine, Russ Madgewick of MySpecs at Cooranbong NSW, to give me an analysis of vision problems that face men during the aging process.

He gave me a typical example of three couples about to order a meal at a restaurant.

The ladies whip out their reading glasses and chat happily about what they would like to eat.

The men on the other hand, have a problem. One asked his wife to read the menu for him, another squints furiously and tilts the page towards the light and the third drops his menu off the table onto the floor then reads it from a distance.

As a specialist in his field Russ consults with a wide range of patients from all walks of life, so he has learnt to recognize the andropause male without much trouble.

To Russ's mind, the andropause male is the gent who has realised his mortality and is coming to grips with the possibility that he may not be as bullet proof as he once was. he knows his eyesight is changing but, unlike the three gents at the restaurant, he's doing something about it.

Acceptance of the 'aging self' defines, to me, the point at which the pre-menopausal male blends into a full blown, testicle shrivelling andropause.

Russ thinks us blokes look in the mirror one morning, see our fathers looking back and realise that what happened to him is more likely going to happen to us.

The fear of poor eyes, macular degeneration, thinning hair and the possibility of a cricket ball sized prostrate becomes a distinct possibility and adds to his stress levels so go to your optometrist and have your eyes checked.

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