Hearing Loss: Deaf in one ear, selective hearing in the other.

Over a period of time the majority of andropausal men will suffer from hearing loss. This may be caused by industrial deafness from the workplace, tinnitus, doing national service in Vietnam or a car accident.

Hearing loss creeps up and sometimes it is difficult to accept the reality of having to wear hearing aids. Again it is that macho thing that takes control and you immediately go into denial.

'I'm not going deaf and furthermore I'm not going to wear one of those things and look as if I have one foot in the grave. I'm not going deaf'.

The trouble is that everyone knows that you have a hearing loss because the TV is up so loud, and as you know we control the remote (as all men must) you will not allow the volume to be reduced.

I know just how you feel, men, because I have been told the same thing by my family.

Recently when I was staying with a friend in Brisbane she asked me why I had the TV up so high. I replied it was to drown out the terrible tinnitus ringing in my ears.

My friend who is a trained audiologist immediately gave me her headphones to try. When I put them I nearly blew my eardrums out.

I quickly reduced the volume to a more manageable level and then took them off to see what the difference was in sound levels. It was then that I realised that I had a hearing loss.

Audiology tests indicated that I had a moderate to high level of industrial deafness in the right ear and moderate in the left ear, plus the tinnitus was in the very high range. Suitable treatment was arranged.

By constantly denying that you have a hearing problem you are not giving yourself the chance to improve your lifestyle and those around you who have had to put up with your hearing changes.

There are certain tones that we cannot hear if we have a hearing or tinnitus problem and this is why when we think that our wives have finished talking to us and you walk away she suddenly bellows out...

'Don't you dare walk away from me while I'm talking to you'.

Women call this 'deaf in one ear and selective hearing in the other'.

Men, it is a common statement that women around the world use to get the message across to their friends that you are deaf and should wear hearing aids.

On the contrary I find it frustrating that my wife talks to me from the kitchen and expects me to hear what she is saying, when I'm in my office at the front of the house, where I have traffic noise, soft classical background music playing and am concentrating typing on the computer. I'm sure you will agree with me that I am not deaf in one ear and have selective hearing in the other.

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