Impotence: I can't perform like I used to!

Impotence is not something that andropause males may want to talk about as it can be embarrassing. But you may not be the only man suffering as up to 10% of males suffer from erectile dysfunction at some stage during their mid life.

Your penis is central to your sexual activity and if that fails to erect immediately when making love, you fear the worst and that's when performance anxiety and other psychological problems start to take over your mind.

There are many factors which may be causing impotence. Prostrate cancer, testosterone deficiency, tobacco smoking, diabetes, psychological problems, leaking veins and weight have to be taken into consideration.

It is very frustrating as you may be one of these men who have an erection on waking up and during the day, but, when it comes to being with your sexual partner you have erection problems or have one but it's not firm enough.

Impotence is not the same as infertility where your body is incapable of creating the right fertile sperm to father children.

Ok, what can you do about it?

You don't drive your car while it's running on three cylinders, so the same thing happens with your body. Go and have a full physical checkup by your medical practitioner as you might just need a tune up to your body to overcome your impotence problems.

Here are suggestions your medical practitioner could advise you to follow.

  • WEIGHT: Is it correct, or could you lose those extra kilo's? My mate was 117kg and just by eating correctly has been able to drop to 104kg. He tried all the diets and exercise regimes known to mankind and none worked. His wife took the advice of a friend and acquired smaller dinner plates and by putting less on the dinner plate achieved his goal weight. Wife is happier because he is no longer the overweight tub of lard trying to romance her.
  • NERVOUS SYSTEM: Is your body out of alignment and not allowing your nervous system to transmit messages to your brain to say that your penis should become erect.
  • SMOKING: If you are a smoker give it up, and don't come up with the feeble excuse that you can't. Your body will love you for it and so will all the non smokers around you. They won't have to put up with the stale stench of second hand smoke on your body and clothes. Smoking hardens the arteries and veins restricting blood flow to the penis.
  • DIABETES: Erection problems do not occur immediately when diagnosed with diabetes, it may occur later in life.
  • VASCULAR: Anything which hardens the arteries high during the aging process such as high cholesterol levels, history of strokes and heart disease, smoking and lack of exercise may affect your performance.
  • VENOUS: If you have a venous leakage blood may seep back out of the erection and cause the penis to become soft and limp. This can be very frustrating for both parties.
  • STRESS: Perfectionists are the worst as any slight hiccup in their erection can make them feel inadequate with the result that they become very stressed.
  • PROSTATE GLAND: If the prostate is enlarged and is causing discomfort both in urinating and erections you should see your medical practitioner immediately.
  • MEDICATIONS: Depending on the type being taken they may affect lovemaking. If in doubt seek advice.
  • SOCIAL DRUGS: Steer clear of them as you don't know the long term effects on your body.
  • ALCOHOL: There are two theories given. Consumption of too much will make you seem attractive to a partner for sex, however in reality it can be a complete turnoff. Secondly too much drink can put you into a totally relaxed state where you couldn't get it up if you tried.
  • SURGERY: Often your sexual desire takes a break after surgery while the body recovers from the shock. Lower abdomen surgery may take longer to recover, the same with chemotherapy and radiotherapy. If you have gone through this type of traumatic experience a little bit of hugging and cuddling can achieve positive results.
  • MAJOR TRAUMA: A major accident to the penis area can cause major erection problems later in life. For example, jumping a fence and accidentally straddling it, apart from being painful at the time can cause long term blood flow problems.
  • STAGE FRIGHT: Often when were stressed out from work or have financial, making love can be difficult. If erectile dysfunction occurs more than once seek medical advice.

As I said it could be that your not suffering from impotence, but that your body just needs a minor tune up and you will be firing on all cylinders. Remember talk to your close mate or family doctors because others are going through the same problem.

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