Why I chose Site Build It! for building my Website

The thought of me developing my first website came to me when I was lying in hospital recuperating from major surgery.

It was a very difficult time as the recovery process was very slow with the result that thoughts went through my mind as to what the future may hold.

It was a young Filipino cleaner who jolted me out of this depression when she told me in a very forceful manner 'don't you ever give up'.

She said with tears welling in her eyes that I was the only patient who showed her respect and thanked her for doing a great cleaning job. If it wasn't for me she would have left that job as her self esteem was so low.

From that time on I thanked every cleaner even if it was at a shopping centre. Try doing it, you will be surprised by the results.

I had already had a website designed for my existing business by a local web designer, however was not very happy with the quality coupled with the expense of getting changes made and the lack of hits on the site.

This time I decided to build my own site and searched the net for a suitable 'Do It on Your Own' program.

I found many that were either very expensive and gave nothing in return or sites that offered a cheap program that was very complicated and not suitable for novices.

I literally stumbled upon Solo Build It.

I knew straight away that I found something magic, very genuine and something that was going to give me the tools and skill sets to do this on my own.

I browsed through the list of case studies and was amazed at the diversity of topics on which people built websites.

Now as my children will tell you, I'm not the most computer literate person on the planet, and when I told them that I was going to develop my own website using SBI, they nearly rolled off their chairs laughing. They are not laughing now as not only have I achieved my goal of successfully developing a site, but am about to develop my third.

What I liked about SBI was that the plan was simple, provided that you followed their instructions.

I also wanted to cushion myself from future economic downturns as most of us are experiencing at the moment. Solo Build It is not a way of earning a fortune in a couple of months like some schemes being touted over the internet. The only ones making a fortune in these cases are those selling the dodgy product.

Not only has SBI given me the opportunity to generate income from sources such as Google Adsense, affiliate programs and my own e book, but has helped me save money in not having to advertise in expensive advertising programs which give little or no return.

Solo Build It is suitable for a multitude of activities, such as for local businesses, retirees or those facing redundancies, stay at home mums, students, webmasters or network marketers.

Combine your ideas with Solo Build It and grow your business.

Remember this saying:

I cannot control the wind of change, but can adjust to steer a new direction to have a better life.

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