High levels of stress when you're going through andropause can be an interesting challenge.

Every man goes through tough periods, be it in the workplace, home life, or community and it is increasingly frustrating to accept the outcomes as there is a feeling that what is happening is beyond our control and this is something that men of our age have difficult in accepting.

We are seeing our superannuation schemes falling in value due to poor investments by the finance sector, countries nearly going broke because of mismanagement and greed again taking over as the preferred choice of living.

You can understand why we are becoming anxious and why many males are considering staying in their jobs longer or looking to a future of living on a reduced income.

Adding to this dilemma our hormones are changing with medical issues such as increased muscle pain, tension headaches, heart playing up, low libido, high blood pressure and depression creeping into our lives, like a stealth bomber raid in the night, these are effecting not only us but those around us.

Some of the areas that I will be covering include:

  • Workplace environment where, if you're not coping with the job changes, then management will move to quietly remove you from the company. There is a saying 'If you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen".
  • Executive tension where you could be 'Wound up like a clock spring' and feel very vulnerable. There are very few people that you can confide in in executive management.
  • Fear of becoming redundant in this tough economic world. Takeovers and downsizing is common.
  • How pressure situations can effect your lifestyle.
  • A fun page on a diet menu.
  • Walking to relax your body and mind.
  • Living in the country: A complete change for you and the family.
  • Taking time to smell the roses. If you get too anxious and angry, take a break and just go for a walk in the garden.
  • Understanding computers, you don't have to be illiterate. They are becoming more and more user friendly but still frustrating.
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder that you are having trouble eliminating from your mind.

The topics are very relevant to what we are going through and if I can help you to navigate your way through these fears, or that you are able to help another male then I have achieved my goal.

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