Dehydration and how it effects our body.

Dehydration causes many physical and mental problems to occur with your body including dizziness, tension aches and lower spine pain.

It's interesting to note that your body is approximately 70% water and yet just a one or two percent drop in the amount of water in your body can make a huge difference into how your body functions.

Approximately 2 litres of water are lost every day just through normal bodily functions such as urination,respiration and perspiration.

Physically active people like elite senior athletes or those that work or travel in hot conditions lose even more. 'Your body needs water long before you feel thirsty' so says Brad King in his book 'Xtreme Health'.

Symptoms such as:

  • chronic pain in joints and muscles which appear for no reason at all
  • lower spine pain
  • migraines and tightness in your head
  • constipation
  • strong odour in your urine

are common in andropausal males, but can be improved by replenishing the body with water.

A quick way to see if you need water is to gently pinch the back of your hand, if the skin immediately falls back into place then you are fine but if it doesn't then you urgently need to replenish your body with a pH balanced liquid.

Drinking colas especially diet varieties, tea, coffee some fruit juices and sports and energy drinks does not necessarily satisfy because of the high acid content of those beverages, they refresh and give you a lift but do not work. Most are diuretic in nature.

Alcohols contain a lot of ethanol and deplete the brain cells of valuable liquid with the result that drinkers quickly get light headed, nauseated, a dry furry mouth or stomach problems.

Quickly rejunivating your body with water supercharged with a supplement such Sango coral will raise your pH to a level where your body begins to function again.

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