Energy drinks are they good or bad for your health?

Energy drink sales are one of the fastest growing segments of the beverage market, but are they good for you, or are they just full of harmful ingredients which could be detrimental to your health?

Many are little more than overpriced canned or bottled carbonated beverage that contain large amounts of ingredients such as caffeine, sugar or questionable diet style sweeteners, Taurine, Glucuronolactone, various vitamins and herbal stimulants such as guarana.

These beverages appear to be marketed as a stimulant to the 18-30 age demographic which is why they have names that convey strength, power, speed and sexuality.

The reality is that our grandchildren under the targeted range are drinking these products. There is ample evidence emerging on blogs and private and government sponsored websites citing examples of changes in behaviour patterns in children that have consumed energy drinks sold in mainstream retail outlets.

Concerned parents, grandparents and teachers are asking questions as to the long term damage that may be happening to children and grandchildren.

Unlike tea or coffee which is usually served hot and sipped slowly usually with something to eat or over a conversation, it is common for typical can to be consumed very quickly for that instant kick, more often than not without the consumption of good quality food.

These drinks which are ladened with caffeine (80g average in a 250ml beverage, the same as a cup of coffee and 160g average in a 500ml beverage), sugar, or aspartame type sweetners and other questionable additives.

Most of these beverages have a pH factor of around 2.5 well below the pH level required by the body to function properly.

The blood needs a pH factor of around 7 to perform efficiently.

If your bodies pH level is constantly below that level it puts immense strain on the body to function properly and that's the environment where diseases and illness thrive.

But the burst of energy doesn't come without risks.

The most graphic case I heard recently came from a paramedic ambulance friend who was called out to assist a young teenager who has suffered cardiac arrest.

She had combined energy drinks and alcohol, consuming several cans of a well known drink with shots of vodka. Ones a stimulant and the other a sedative.

There is an old saying.... To be old and wise you first had to be young and foolish. She was lucky that there was help at hand.

As a man going through Male Menopause I encourage you to have a quiet talk to your children or grandchildren and suggest they stay away from these sorts of beverages as the long term effects are still to be explained by medical research.

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