Is there a cure for a hangover?

A hangover is not the most pleasant experience to have after a night out with friends especially at our age.

You generally wake up dehydrated with a dry furry mouth, nausea and a splitting headache.

Trouble is we try all sorts of potion's to quickly overcome a hangover like having overpriced designer energy drinks full of sugar and caffiene, chewing hands full of dry tea leaves or taking weird and wonderful herbs, just to name a few.

At our age we seem to forget three important things:

  • We are not as young as were where when we had a night out of the town and could just sleep it off.
  • Most of us are on some form of medication where it is not recommended to drink while taking them.
  • We seem to forget one important thing and that is drinking plenty of water.

I was visiting China on a business trip and was invited to a banquet hosted by the Governor of a precinct and was told that brandy not beer would be consumed.

Charlie my Chinese business friend knew that I was not a brandy drinker and advised me to follow the lead of the governor and have a small sip and then drink water, that way I would survive the 30 toasts given during the banquet.

The other tip I was given was to drink plenty of water before going to the banquet and again when I arrived back at the hotel and to stay off coffee and sodas as they are diuretics and would keep you up all right going to the toilet.

The only problem I had was the next night I was taken to another banquet with another Governor in the adjoining Precinct and there they decided to drink beer in honour of the Australia guest instead of brandy with the result that my trip from China to the USA the next day was somewhat difficult, because, when you combine Chinese beer with fatigue and high altitudes I suffered from a severe case of dehydration.

Dehydration is the key reason for headaches, dry cotton wool mouth, upset stomachs, muscle and joint pain and the overall feeling of nausea.

So before you go out to dinner with our old mates and their wives make sure you drink plenty of water before, during and after the evening as well as drinking in moderation.

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