Have a health check before going on a weight loss program

It is essential that you have a health check before embarking on a weight loss program.

By having a regular check up and blood tests by your doctor, you are able to see if the weight loss program that you want to go on is not going to be dangerous to your health.

I'm going to give you an example of what happened to me recently and trust that this story may assist you in making the right decisions in your quest to lose weight.

I joined a weight loss program where the whole regime was based around an analysis of my blood.

I was taken off potatoes and bananas and other foods that had a high potassium content. This was based on my high readings from the blood results.

Because of my work commitments and the shear arrogance of the weight loss consultant, who was more interested in selling you her products instead of giving advice on how to lose weight during heavy work load periods where for logistical reasons I could not totally follow the diet. I failed to have a follow up health check and blood test with my doctor to see how I was progressing and this nearly cost me my life.

Two days into a interstate business trip I suddenly became very tired and my body was starting to ache all over. I immediately returned home and slept for 18 hours which was very unusual for me.

A couple of days later I was sitting at the computer when suddenly I had this tightness in my chest. My initial reaction was Oh Sh..t, I have pushed myself to hard and overdone it.

I ended up in hospital with a suspected heart attack, however all tests proved negative, which baffled medical staff.

Finally it was diagnosed that I had a potassium deficiency, something I had been taken off when I started the weight loss program.

A drop in potassium levels gradually shuts down the muscles in your body especially around the heart. This in turn triggers off the chest pains. It is a natural alarm signal.

Needless to say I immediately went on a diet of bananas, dropped the weight loss program, and am cautious of any further alternative programs.

I am now gradually losing weight by a very simple method by drinking mineral enriched water and throwing away the big dinner plates and replacing them with a smaller plate. Secondly when my wife and I go out to dinner we regularly share a meal. You will be amazed how this works.

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