Your Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle relies on you doing the right thing to your body, being a smoker, living on a diet of junk food or having a stressful workload puts pressure on your body which later on in life can have serious repercussions.

Remember the saying 'we are what we eat'

How many times in the past have you said "I'm running late and haven't time for breakfast" or "I'll pick something up along the way".

It's then that you make the fatal mistake of dropping into your favourite take away and pick up a coffee and fast food, such as donuts, that's been cooked in fat. You know that it's full of sugar and corn syrup but it gives you the sugar fix you need.

It's then up to the office to sit down at the desk for the day usually behind a pile of work.

The first hour and a half is great but then you start to feel lethargic and soon the lower back pain sets in. You forgot to have any water since waking up and only had coffee which is a diuretic that has no pH value in it. You are becoming dehydrated.

As a andropausal male this must have hit a nerve and your now saying to yourself, I really didn't look after myself for all those years, no wonder I have back problems.

It may be too late for you but you still have the chance to do something about the major problem now out of control in the western world of childhood and adult obesity, high blood pressure problems and stopping the spread of cancers and diabetes by encouraging people to stop eating on the run. Most fast food is very acidic and the more acidic your body, the harder it has to work to keep itself alive.

One way that you can improve the families health is going back to the 1950's style of meal where you all sat down and had a meal together. Before you say that's impossible in todays society with all the smartphone and electronic gagetry around us, it is easy. You are the head of the house so make it a rule that everyone turns the dam things off at least for dinner. That is TV, mobile phones and even the house phones volume is turned down.

If we don't change our sedentary lifestyles then it is not only us that will suffer but all our loved ones around us. 20 years ago you never heard of 'old peoples' illnesses in young people such as type 2 diabetes or cancer.

Remember the saying mentioned earlier 'we are what we eat' so make sure we live a healthy lifestyle by eating properly, exercising or walking, turning off the TV and computer games and facebook and other media and just relax.

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