Male menopause: is it a myth?

Male menopause: is it a myth? No, it's a hormonal change, which I describe as 'males grow manboobs and similar aged women grow facial hair'.

Are you looking more like a pot bellied old man, dreaming of the days long ago when you were the strong, testosterone charged handsome man that everyone envied?

What has happened to me? You ask. What is going on?

Nothing much except for the fact that you're probably going through or about to enter male menopause and your body is changing. It's all part of the life cycle.

There are two ways to deal with this change in life cycle. The first is to embrace it and talk to someone, whether it's your wife, doctor or other males of your same age or, secondly, be a stubborn male and put your head in the sand and deny you have a problem.

The choice is yours.

Some parts of the website, you will find, are very funny and other parts are of a serious nature. I have experienced male menopause for over ten years now and during my research have met many men that are going through this change in their life.

But, first let me say that, Andropause is the correct title of our condition, not male mid life crisis, silly old bugger syndrome or grumpy old man.

Andropause symptoms

Some of the symptoms that you may be having include:

  • Feelings that your body is running on empty
  • Pain levels are increasing
  • High blood pressure
  • You can't see the budgee smugglers ("Speedos") over your large stomach
  • Stress levels are increasing
  • Depression that you never had before seems to be effecting you and some of your friends' lives
  • You can't hear as well as you did before, with your wife saying 'you're deaf in one ear and have selective hearing in the other'

These are just a few of the areas that I will be covering in the website.

I don't claim to be a medical expert in this field, however I did seek counsel with experts in their field to answer any queries I had pertaining to their areas of expertise.

My friends call me Bob and I would love to hear your comments.

Mens Health
Mens health plays an important role in the survival of andropausal males. The media is constantly bombarding us with stories on health and fitness matters to improve our lifestyle.
High levels of stress when you're going through andropause can be an interesting challenge. Places like work, home ,community or even medical problems effect our lives.
Impotence is not something that males may want to talk about. It can be a source of embarrassment to andropause males. Up to 10% of men could suffer erectile dysfunction during sexual intercourse.
Sex is very important to men going through andropause. Sometimes health issues affect mens health, so it may be difficult to have normal intercourse.
Poor eyesight is common amongst men going through male menopause. It is when our partners insist that we see an optometrist and have a vision test, that we realise how blind as a bat we really are.
Hearing loss
Over a period of time the majority of andropause males will suffer hearing loss. This may be caused by industrial noise, tinnitus, doing national service in Vietnam or even a car accident
During male menopause many men will suffer from some form of depression. Understanding the warning signs is important not only for us , but our fellow males and those loved ones around us.
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Healthy Lifestyle
A healthy lifestyle relies on you doing the right thing with your body. Be a smoker, live on fost food, or having a stressful workload puts stress on your body which can have serious repussions.
Men going through Male Menopause should seriously consider low impact walking on a regular basis to keep healthy.
Sports Drinks
Manufacturers or sports drinks tell us through carefully created marketing campaigns that to be an elite athlete and maintain a healthy body we should consume their products.
A hangover is not the most pleasant experience to have after a night out on the town.
Good Water
Drinking good water can help weight loss and at the same time improve your health and lifestyle.
Energy Drink
Energy drink sales are one of the fastest growing segments of the beverage market.
Health Check
It is essential to have a comphrensive health check before embarking on a weight loss program.
Mineral Deficiency
You can trace every sickness, every disease and every ailment to a 'mineral deficiency'
Quit Smoking
You want to quit smoking but are having trouble conquering the smoking habit.
This eBook Manboobs and Hair a seriously irreverent look at Male Menopause (andropause) was written so men going through this important stage of life could understand what's going on.
Getting inside a womans mind
Getting inside a womans mind is something that all men have been pondering for many years.
Seachange and Treechange
When considering a seachange or treechange there are many areas that have to be considered before opting for this lifestyle change.