Mens Health

Mens health plays an important role in the survival of Male menopausal/Andropausal males.

The media is constantly bombarding us with health and fitness issues such as checking our blood pressure or make sure your eyesight is checked to see you don't have an eye disease or are in need of reading glasses.

The topic of baby boomer health is generating considerable interest in the community, which is encouraging because for so long it has been ignored by society.

Men in the Baby Boomer age group were brought up to say 'I'm well thank you' for fear of being called a weakling if they said that something was wrong with their body.

I have an interesting article on Skin Cancer in which an English migrant refused to wear sunscreen and a hat, so that he could be tanned just like his Aussie workmates. Unfortunately he died before his children reached the age of eight.

These days you have to protect yourself from the sun if you're working in an outside occupation.

It is OK to talk to your mates, wife or doctor about what may be going on with your life.

A good example is "Paul" from our Men's Shed group who was worried about a health issue. One of the members saw that he was unusually quiet and asked R.U.OK?. He finally opened up to this member and explained that he was to have an Angiogram due to a heart condition, and as he hadn't had one before was worried about the procedure.

With a broad grin on his face this member told him not to worry as he was considered an expert in the field having had six of these over a number of years due to his heart condition and being overweight.

It's OK to talk about your feeling, you are a male going through a change in your life. How boring it would be if you only travelled in a straight line all the time. Life is interesting when you have to change direction.

Areas of mens health that will be covered include sexual problems including, intimacy, blood pressure, eyesight, being overweight, cancer, diabetes, memory loss and other medical issues.

There will be many more articles written on the subject of health and fitness as it relates to our generation and over time I will publish these on the website.

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