Our body needs minerals to function properly

If our bodies are constantly devoid of the right balance of natural minerals then it's little wonder that diseases are running rife in our bodies.

Two of the most important are calcium and magnesium along with iron, phosphorus,potassium,sodium, chloride, sulfur, zinc and a host of trace elements.

CALCIUM: is considered the king because it is the most abundant mineral in the human body. Our teeth and bones contain 99% of the bodies calcium. The best source include milk, yoghurt, cheese, canned fish with bones, nuts and soy beans.

Now regarding milk, many people especially those with a dark pigmentation may be lactose intolerant to milk products so I suggest an alternative such as a whey based product.

One of our grand children who suffered from Allergic Rhinitis (Snotty Nose Syndrome), was cured by consuming whey based products.

MAGNESIUM: Is also an essential because it is needed to act as a catalyst for the absorption of calcium into the bones in our body.

It also helps maintain proper blood sugar levels and assists in another 300 biochemical reactions within the body to produce energy.

Wholegrain cereals, nuts, pulses and leafy green vegetables are the main suppliers of this mineral.

POTASSIUM: Is one of the electrolytes, the others being sodium and chloride that helps to regulate muscle control and nerve activity.

If the levels drop the first sign will be lethargy and soreness. If it drops down too far as what happened to me, then the muscles around your heart start to contract resulting in chest pains.

A banana a day will help boost levels, however if you are a diabetic it would be wise to have a medical check to see it they are suitable for your diet.

If you suffer chest pains immediately seek medical help, do not procrastinate as it could cost you your life.

IRON: An essential as oxygen is carried in the muscles by attracting itself to the hemoglobin. At the center of each hemoglobin is an iron atom which collects all the oxygen molecules. If there is an iron deficiency the hemoglobin cannot be made an anemia becomes a major problem.

Poor diet is one of the major causes of anemia along with blood loss. The richest source of iron is red meat, however if you are a vegetarian then using an iron frying pan when cooking helps in increasing the levels of iron.

SODIUM and CHLORIDE: Usually found in the salt we consume, however western society has a problem with salt consumption and is causing major health problems, such as increased blood pressure.

Salt should be used in moderation especially for those of us that are going through Male Menopause and it is recommended that salt with iodine should be used.

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