Quit Smoking Now

You want to quit smoking but are having trouble conquering the smoking habit?

You're not the only one trying for its common to try up to foutr times before having a successful outcome. The sooner you do the better your health and those around you will be.

I my situation I just quit smoking (cold turkey) many years ago and have become a anti-smoking campaigner.

Now I might get into an argument over this but in many situations it is a case of just mind over matter and don't reply on a patch to do the work for you.

Change your lifestyle and you will succeed.

A friend of mind has a mature 40 year age son who constantly 'tried to give it up', the only trouble was that his lifestyle prevented him from doing just that.

He ate highly acidic foods on the run, drank copious amounts of diet and energy drinks which were high in aspartane and other questionable ingredients, lived in clothes that stank of stale tobacco odours, drove a car that also was full of old cigarette butts and had body smells which even deodorant couldn't mask.

The trouble was that by eating all the wrong foods he constantly lowered his pH well below the recommened levels for the blood to retain its proper levels for the body to function properly. The body was continually cannibalizing itself to stay alive.

Two events changed his mind: The first was his fiance who him to quit smoking by saying to him that she would prefer to grow old with him instead of burying him in ten years time and secondly he was diagnosed with severe bronchial problems and told that this health issue could develop into emphysema a nasty lung disease.

Now lets look at the health effects of smoking:

  • Mouth: Smokers breath that even peppermints can't mask, staining of your teeth, gum disease which can then cause teeth to become loose and decay, affected taste buds resulting in loss of enjoyment of most foods and mouth cancers.
  • Heart: It is a fact that the first question asked by medical staff when you have a heart problem is 'Do you smoke'. Ask a Cardio Rehab Department head and you will be surprised at the response given. The majority of heart patients were smokers at some stage during their life.
  • Blood Supply: Blood vessels narrow and harden when you smoke.
  • Eyesight: Residual smoke drifting into your eyes causes irritation which may cause dry eye and continual soreness. If your blood vessels are narrowed and restrict flow, the risk of macular degeneration which is the leading cause of blindness is increased dramatically.
  • Stroke: If the blood vessels are damaged and restricts blood flow to the brain you are a risk of having a stroke.
  • Throat Damage: Cancer of the throat and voicebox damage is common amongst smokers especially singers.
  • Skin: Because of blood vessel damage and the fumes penetrating the skin your body looks about thirty years older that you really are. Do you really want to end up looking like a withered up piece of old boot leather?
  • Erectile Dysfunction: Damaged blood vessels restrict flow to the penis. Do your really want this to occur?
  • Lungs: If you fill your lungs with fumes and tar, then you make yourself a candidate for developing pneumonia and emphysema as well as chronic bronchitis.

This covers you, but how about those that are around you that don't agree with what your doing to your body.

I'm going to give you a couple of examples which includes a hotel room and a car.

Staff have only about 30 minutes to clean a hotel room and prepare it for the next guest. You can imagine their frustration as they enter a room and find that a person has left a stinking room.

In Australia you are not permitted to smoke in the majority of rooms so people frequently do it outside on the balconies or other open doorway areas with the result that the smell permeates inside. Worst of all the person after they have finished goes inside and either sits down in a chair or lies on the bed to watch television consequently the pungent odour seeps into all the furnishings including pillows, sheets, bedspreads, blankets curtains and chairs.

I carried my own pillow due to the number of times I stayed in accommodation with stinking pillows.

the second example is your cars. How often has a grandchild or your own children said 'Grandpa you car smells'. It can be very embarrassing; however all is not lost as if you give up smoking and by using a product called AutoVaccine Pro your problems would be solved.

Finally even at your age it is still not too late to quit smoking as there are many methods available such as Acupunture, Hypnotherepy, Herbal and complementary medicines,or nicotine replacement patches all of which should be discussed with your medical specialist.

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