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Sex is very important to men going through Andropause. Sometimes health issues affect men's health, so it may be difficult to have normal intercourse.

This is where men look to alternatives to help them achieve their desired satisfaction, such as using viagra type stimulants, however this can turn out to be very dangerous as the human body may not be able to take this form of stimulation.

I wrote an article on a man who was having difficulty intimacy and tried a Viagra type stimulant with interesting results. This is the article.

'An Uplifting Experience'

What I'm going to talk about is something that will give you an uplifting experience; however, there could be a downside if you don't plan ahead and have a medical checkup.

One downside that products like Viagra can leave you in is an excitable state of physical activity as happened to a man in Western Australia.

Peta and John (not their real names) had been married for ten years and were looking forward to their wedding anniversary. Peta was very sexually active whereas John, due to the pressures of work, was exhausted by the end of the day had trouble with intimacy.

Panic set in so John's boss suggested special Viagra type tablets that he'd used with success to help John do the right thing over the anniversary weekend.

When John arrived back at work on the Monday morning the boss told him he'd received a phone call from a very grateful Peta thanking him for his assistance in making the anniversary such a great weekend.

John, on the other hand, looked absolutely exhausted and his blood pressure was alarmingly high. He confided in his boss that he now had a major problem. Every time he saw a sexy woman he had an instant erection. He wanted to know how long this symptom would last.

The boss didn't know as he had only suffered from a throbbing migraine headache and never the problem that John was suffering.

So that he didn't end up with an unusual Occupational Health issue, he sent John to see the company's medical officer.

The Medical Officer reassured John that he was physically well and the stimulation effects he was suffering were unusual, but that the symptoms should settle down soon. He suggested that before John embarked on using these forms of stimulants again that he consult him as there are a number of other products around that do the same job in arousing the penis that have different side effects.

The medical officer also told him that he was lucky that he wasn't prescribed angina tablets or spray for heart disease as the use of Viagra type stimulants is not recommended because if he had suffered angina whilst making love and used his medication, the two drugs interacting may have killed him.

He advised John never to use a mate's product as you don't know the strength of the tablet and never to buy sexual stimulants over the internet as one doesn't know if he is being scammed.

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